The Ultimate Guide To Cat Ba Island

A few crucial tips when planning a trip the beautiful Cat Ba Island

Among all of the islands in the north sea of Vietnam, Cat Ba, in our opinion, is the most magical and interesting one of them all. If you plan to visit this amazing island, here are a few things to keep in mind:


1. When is the best time to visit Cat Ba Island?

Even though Cat Ba is an island among 327 islands of Ha Long Bay, it, actually, belongs to Hai Phong city, not Quang Ninh Province.  As the biggest island in the bay, with a surface area of 285 km2 and a half covered by a National Park, which leads to incredibly high rates of biodiversity. This island, as in the north of Vietnam, has four seasons a year but as it is East Sea, it has a higher temperature and more rain in general.

Winter: From December to February next year. It's cold and normally 10-15 degree Celsius. It is off-season time with cloudy sky and cold water. As the sea is quite calm, it's a good time for kayaking but not swimming. 

Spring: From February to April. It's quite warm but sometimes wet and humid with spring rains. March- April is the best time come as It's getting sunnier and sea water is warm enough for swimming and play sea sports.    

Summer: From May to August. It's the peak time of domestic travel so try to avoid this time if you don't like crowds and higher travel costs.This time is the best time to play sea sports like kayaking, windsurfing, swimming and so on.

Autumn: From September to November. It's the rainy season so there will be a lot of tropical storms. Don't come to Cat Ba this time if you don't want to get stuck on the island for 1-2 weeks due to tropical storms. 

Not only should you keep the weather in mind but you also need to pay attention to Vietnam public holidays and international vacation time to avoid the crowds and have the best moments on this island. Be aware of these following days:

  • International Labor day: Domestic and International Tourists will visit Ha Long Bay and stop by Cat Ba island during this time as they have quite a long vacation and the weather here is really nice.
  • Summer holiday (from June to July): it's the peak time of domestic holiday as families and companies often go here.
  • Vietnamese Independence day (September 2nd): It is also an important public holiday in Vietnam so try to avoid the crowds this day.

To sum up, the best time to visit Cat Ba island is from March to April when the rain is gone, the weather is warmer and the sea is clean and clear without the invasion of tourists.

2. How to get to Cat Ba Island

The nearest airport is Cat Bi Airport in Hai Phong, however, you can surely get to this lovely island from Hanoi. In the past, it often takes a half day from Hanoi to Cat Ba and people have to transfer to two ferries, thanks to the newly built bridge linking Hai Phong to Cat Hai Island, we only need 3 hours to get there. From Hanoi, there are several options for you to choose:

  • Go by Express Coach directly to Cat Ba Island: this non-stop coach is called Cat Ba express which starts in the old quarter of Hanoi and runs to Cat Ba through Hanoi- Hai Phong Highway, Hai Phong- Cat Hai road and from Got port in Cat Hai Island to Cat Ba Island. What a pity that it will not stop by in the middle of the way so you will miss some stunning views in Cat Hai island. However, when you get to Cai Vieng Port in Cat Ba island, you have to take a bus from there to the city center which is 30 km away and takes 30-40 minutes. The total trip is 3 hours and 30-40 minutes more and you only need to transfer once.
  • Go to Hai Phong by Long Distance Coach (1.5 hour), then go by bus to  Dinh Vu Ferry (40 minutes), from there, get on an Express Boat  to Binh port in Cat Ba island (30 minutes more).  As Binh port is in the city center so you just need to walk to your hotel. The whole trip is 3 hours and it is the fastest way to Cat Ba Island but it will be very tiring as you have to transfer twice and if you get seasick, it will never be a pleasant journey.
  • Private tour to Cat Ba Island: if you go with friends or family, above options are not ideal especially your group has more than 5 people. In this case, let's setup a private tour with a private car, driver and a local guide. This private care will follow the route of Cat Ba Express above. It is the best way to reach Cat Ba and also allows you to stop by anywhere in the middle of the way to take pictures and explore the beauty there. It will take 3-4 hours but in the most comfortable way.
  • Another idea is to take the train to Hai Phong, then rent a motorbike and drive yourself to Cat Ba. This is exactly the way our team chose to explore Cat Ba. Though this option is slowest way to Cat Ba island, we still feel blessed as a long the way, we see, touch and experience the scenery, people and many things that we will never have had if you go by highway bus or by express boat.

3. How to get around in Cat Ba

Cat Ba island is quite big so you can not go to all attractions by foot. Instead, you could choose:

- Bicycle: Renting a bike in Cat Ba is quite cheap and easy (only need 2 dollars per day) and just walk along the main roads there, you can choose a "buddy" right away. If you go with your loved one or in a group, tandems are the top choice. But be sure to check on your bike before renting as sometimes they are not in good condition. Besides, bring more water and food with you since some roads in Cat Ba are very steep and energy consuming.

- Motorbike: Another option for longer expedition around Cat Ba is to rent a motorbike. Automatic motorbike is easier  to use, however, if you want to explore the mountain-pass and the coastal road, you'd better choose semi-automatic one since it will save energy and safer to use. You should contact your hotel to rent a motorbike to make sure that if something wrong happens in the way, they will support you faster.

- Wooden Junk: Cat Ba island belongs to Lan Ha Bay and surrounded by some small islands, thus to reach them from Cat Ba, you have no choice but catch a wooden junk there. One small junk for 5 people costs 600,000 VND while a middle or big wooden junk (for maximum 40-50 people) costs you at least 1,3 million VND. The big wooden junk is a better choice as it moves faster, safer and offers more space to relax, have a party and for sightseeing.

4. Where to stay in Cat Ba Island

There is a variety of accommodation types in Cat Ba from homestays, small hostels and guesthouses to beachfront resorts.

For a luxurious trip, Cat Ba Sunrise Resort comes as the best choice, while a few of other hotels are considerably good in quality such as Cat Ba Island Resort & Spa, Monkey Island Resort, Cat Ba Palace Hotel...

Cat Ba Sunrise Resort: Boasting an outdoor swimming pool, this tropical getaway features an on-site restaurant and bar. You can relax on the beachfront sun loungers, take a stroll along the cliff-side walkway, or play billiards.

Cat Ba Island Resort & Spa: The resort owns 2 outdoor swimming pools, an on-site dining option and private beach area on Cat Co 1 beach. Elegantly furnished in light beige, all of their rooms have views of the ocean.

Monkey Island Resort: Nestled in Monkey Island, a small island near Cat Ba, This property is a 1-minute walk from the beach. With a private beachfront, Monkey Island Resort offers relaxing stays in wooden bungalows.

5. What to do and where to go in Cat Ba

Cat Ba boasts three stunning beaches and some interesting attractions for anyone to explore. Check out some worth-visiting destinations and fantastic experiences there:

5.1 Morning walk through rock-cliff route connecting two main beaches

There is a rock-cliff route that connects Cat Co 1 beach to Cat Co 2 beach. This route is safe to stroll along and from there, you can catch the whole view of Lan Ha Bay with colorful fishing boats from afar, some floating restaurants near the center and the creamy sand beaches right under. The best time to have a nice and pleasant stroll without disturbance from crowds is in the morning. 

5.2 Trek Cat Ba National Park

Cat Ba's beautiful national park is designated by World Heritage Site as a biosphere reserve in northern Vietnam. The park contained 109 km² of land area and an additional 52 km² of inshore waters and mangrove-covered tidal zones. This park is home to some hiking trails so you can easily find a suitable one, maybe short or long, that depends. To explore the whole area, it takes at least one day for experienced trekkers and even two days for inexperienced one. If you just want to get immersed in lush green forest and want to have a relaxing trek with lovely animals, just need to spend about a half day there. 

5.3 Cruise Lan Ha Bay, explore small islands and fishing village

Lan Ha Bay is a germ in Cat Ba as it is not as crowded as Ha Long Bay and still captures the authentic beauty of some small islands within. To visit Lan Ha bay, the best way is to rent a wooden junk and take a cruise trip for 3-4 hours.

This cruise will take you around the bay, visit a fishing village where people live in floating houses and raise fish and other sea creatures for a living. You can even buy seafood there, ask them to cook for you and enjoy fresh meals right on your junk. 

Besides fishing village, the cruise will take you to some small islands inside the bay like Monkey Island, Van Boi island, Nam Cat island and so on. The most famous island is Monkey island which is an ideal shelter for wild monkeys. You can climb to the top of the mountain in Monkey island to take an overview of Lan Ha Bay and the green forest under. Don't forget to bring a swimsuit as the water and beaches in small islands are quite convenient and clean to get wet. But be aware as in dry season, there are more stones on the beach that may hurt your foot.

Recommendation: you should rent a kayak and sail around Lan Ha Bay to explore its beauty on your own.  It is much more interesting than just sticking to the junk.

5.4 Motorbike ride along the coastal road from the town center to Cai Vieng port

There is a new road that connects Cai Vieng port with the town center without stopping by the National Park. This is called a coastal road in Cat Ba as it is bounded by the rock-cliffs on one side and the blue sea on another. Riding a motorbike through the mountain pass there, crossing the winding road and flying beside the magical sea water and mangrove forest will turn your wildest dream into reality. 

5.5 Catch the sunrise from Cannon Fort

Far more than a historical site, this Cannon Fort owns the most stunning panoramic view of Cat Ba island especially when the sunrise. Try to get up early, rent a motorbike or try "xe ôm" to reach the top of Cannon Fort then you will be surely amazed by the view you will get.

5.6. Sunbathing on beaches and play water sports there

Cat Ba island has three of the most beautiful beaches in Northern Vietnam with crystal blue water, creamy sand beaches and karst limestone rock cliff above. While Cat Co 1 and 2 are very well known and draw a lot of visitors, let's explore Cat Co 3 which is quite far but more beautiful and quieter than other two. You can come here between the end of March and the end of May to get a suntan, join sea sports like beach football or volleyball there without being disturbed by the crowds of domestic tourists. 

6. What to eat in Cat Ba Island and Where?

Seafood is a must-eat food in Cat Ba island but not all of the seafood is the best in Cat Ba island. Check the list below and make a food tour to eat them all:


It is a pacific clam that lives near the shore of Cat Ba Island. It tastes moist, soft and the most delicious when grilled with onion and oil. As it is hard to catch geoduck, its price is much higher than other seafood but still worth trying.

Cat Ba Squid

Ha Long Bay is well-known for its squid with high quality. Thus Cat Ba squid also has good taste. Both dried and fresh squid here is tasty. You can eat steamed fresh squid or deep fried one as well as buy dried squid as gifts for your friends or family.

Horseshoe crab

It is a kind of crab with a little tail and a soft cover. In Cat Ba, there are 7 dishes made from horseshoe crab-like crab soup, summer roll with fresh crab inside, crab stir-fried with chili pepper and lemongrass, glass noodle with crab, crab porridge, grilled crab and steamed crab. 

Shrimp Noodle

Its name reveals two important ingredients of this dish- rice noodle (bun) and shrimp. Besides, they often make it with fish cake and la lot roll and served with broth that is made from bones of fish and pig and several herbs. The broth is the soul of this dish.

7. Tips for your visit in Cat Ba Island

To have a perfect Cat Ba trip, keep some tips in mind:

- Avoid Vietnam public holiday and you had better come in April or May. Winter is not a bad choice as there will be no crowds and you will get complete tranquility. Besides, you may save a lot as in the offseason, the price is only one half or even one third compared with the peak season.

- Book your tour to Cat Ba to save your time of transportation, make use of local guides and you will have much time yourself instead of planning around and searching around. 

- To choose a good restaurant in Cat Ba, pay attention to the number of local guests of this restaurant. The best one will attract the most local people instead of tourists.

To ask for advice or request a trip to Cat Ba, talk with our Travel Experts now!

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