Exotic Voyages

Wednesday, February 28, 2018 — Exotic Voyages, founded in 2010 by CEO Vu Huy, has enjoyed dynamic growth each year since its inception, expressed in terms of arriving passengers, turnover, and market share.


Our founder’s vision is that of a trusted luxury travel company. Through providing genuine experiences to clients and uniting long-term partnerships with brilliant service, we have been able to commit to quality without compromise. As such, our founder’s vision has only continued to grow and evolve as the company takes its next steps into the future.


Here at EV, we can summarize our mission as efficiency, flexibility and the highest-quality service with a personal touch. Combined with our willingness to pursue excellence, this allows us to offer authentic experiences to your clients, enabling them to see our incredible destinations as they truly are.


To be the very best: We love accomplishing goals—yours and ours! Our goal is to become the leading luxury travel company. And the way we do that is by achieving your goals and earning your highest level of satisfaction with our services. No is never an option: We serve those who want to have a genuine experience, to see a destination as it truly is. We focus on providing your clients with their dream trips. And there is nothing we will stop at to ensure that those dreams come true—“no” is never an option.

We always find a solution: Every staff member at EV is fully accountable for their actions, whether to our teams or our guests. We rely on a comprehensive feedback system from our clients and yours. This ensures that we receive the input we need to continually improve our services.

We can do anything if we try: We are committed to growing our business globally with your help. And as we always do our best, we are confident that every itinerary crafted for you should result in the trip of your client’s dreams!


Mirka Illasova Public Relations Representative at Mia Public Relations