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Wednesday, February 28, 2018 — OUR GUIDES

Wherever your clients wish to travel, we are always standing by, ready to guide them every step of the way to ensure that their dreams come true. With our huge and ever-expanding network of insightful, talented guides throughout 12 countries in Asia, your clients will be wowed and inspired by the authentic local flavor which we bring to every tour that we craft.

Indeed, many of our guests have commented that our tour guides feel like their own personal historians, geographers or ecologists, providing them with amazing insights into local history, culture, geography, and wildlife that they would never have discovered otherwise.


English, German, French, Vietnamese and Chinese


Your clients’ safety is our primary concern at all times. So when it comes to providing transportation for your clients and their families, we have every single vehicle checked over thoroughly to make sure it is in optimal working condition. Comfort and luxury are also at the forefront in our minds, because we know that how you move through the world changes how you see it. That is why we offer your clients the chance to explore our Asian destinations in sumptuous style. We offer luxury cars, helicopters, and seaplanes as well as cruises in boats.

Clients who are looking for more local flavor can enjoy discovering Myanmar by horse cart or Siem Reap by tuk-tuk. Those who want to get active can hop in a kayak and paddle around the beautiful islands of Thailand. Here at Exotic Voyages, we truly believe “it is the journey, not just the destination.”


At Exotic Voyages, your clients are always in good hands. We have created and grown our network of luxury partners through a highly selective process. We look for partners who share our spirit and values and which can help us bring your clients’ dreams to life. For a list of our partners please refer to our attached company profile (pdf file).

Mirka Illasova Public Relations Representative at Mia Public Relations